February 17, 2015

Product Spotlight: Traxxas Slash 2WD RTR Short Course Truck w/ On-Board Audio

RC off-road racing will never be the same, now that Traxxas has come out with the all-new Slash Short-Course Racing Truck that features a groundbreaking onboard audio system. If you've had experience driving the original RTR (Ready-To-Run) Slash you know that this award-winning 2WD race truck leaves little room for improvement. Somehow, though, with the addition of a realistic on-board audio system that precisely duplicates the sounds made by an actual, full-sized, 900+ hp Pro 4X4 race truck, the whole driving experience is improved immensely.

As Real as it Gets

This 1/10th-scale version is designed to match the characteristics of a full-sized 4X4 racer, from the giant-travel, 4-wheel, independent suspension that lets you fly through the jumps and rip around turns at full bore to the realistic tires that bite just right. When you advance the throttle on your Slash R/C Truck, the on-board audio immediately comes to life with the actual sounds you'd hear when throttling up its full-sized big brother. As you can imagine, 900+ horsepower of throaty throttle waiting to be unleashed is impressive, but when you hit the switch and start ripping down the course, whether at the track or in your own backyard, you'll hear realistic engine sounds as your truck goes through the gears with unequaled and impassioned power! You've never raced like this before.

Ready to Run Right Now

This truck is plug-'n-play. It comes ready to roll right out of the box, and is equipped with the most technologically advanced radio control system of any RTR racer. There are no channels to choose and no frequencies to manage. You just turn it on and the truck and controller communicate with each other automatically. Not only is the controller extremely precise in sending signals to the race truck, even with a hidden, internal antenna, but the immediate response capability extends to the motor sounds as well. You have to hear this monster in action to truly appreciate how great Traxxas has managed to replicate the authentic sounds of a real Pro 4X4 race truck in action.

Designed to Go Anywhere, Rain or Shine

Both the racer’s electronics and the audio components are weather sealed against the elements. Off-roading has never been more fun. The extra tall ground clearance lets you go where ordinary RC 4X4s would fear to tread. The powerful 12-Turn 550 modified Titan motor is virtually maintenance free. An extra feature that enhances the awesome audio effect is the ability to rev up the motor while in neutral. It also has a special "training" mode that, with the flip of a switch, limits full throttle down to 50%. That way, everybody can get in on the action.

Check out the videos on our site to hear it for yourself.  It sounds even more impressive in person!

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