March 10, 2015

Product Spotlight: AFX Super International 4-Lane Mega G+ HO Slot Car Track Set w/Tri-Power System

If you think slot car racing was hot back in the 1960s, it's sizzling now. AFX, the top name in the industry years ago is still at the forefront today, has just re-released their amazing, 4-lane Super International Slot Car Racing Set. AFX is the undisputed leader in this area for both quality and value, which means you don't have to pay the most but can still have the best! The design upgrades done to the ultra-lightweight Mega G+ Chassis, perfectly paired to the Tri-power Packs, two of which are included in the set, result in the finest out of the box slot car racing experience you could have. Seriously! These cars go fast, they're tough and durable, and the system lets drivers choose from three different levels of challenging action. This is done at the mere flip of a switch, which alters the speed of the car being adjusted.

Tri-Power Makes A Huge Difference

Beginners can have the pleasure usually only reserved for those with a certain amount of acquired slot car racing skill. This lets everyone learn to drive at their own pace without all the frustration of having your car fly off at every turn. At the beginners level, your car should stay on the track in 95% of the turns, no matter how much throttle is being applied. At intermediate, it's about 65% of the time, while at expert you've got full speed control.

International Competition

The International 4-Lane Mega G+ HO Set has been almost impossible to find for almost a year.  RC Superstore has them back in stock now at a great price, along with your favorite aftermarket cars and accessories. You get 86 pieces of track, the highest quality track made, which equals 50 linear feet. While most setups call for four lanes, you can go with just two lanes and get twice the distance. With the track supplied, you can build no less than 18 different world-class international racing track replicas.

Of course, you're free to build any configuration you'd like. The track-layout examples supplied with the set will all fit comfortably on a standard sized ping pong table, which will also give you the perfect height above floor level for your races. This system is especially appreciated by families whose members are at various skill levels, since the skill level requirements for each car can be individually adjusted.

Looks Aren't Everything, But…

This slot car set looks fantastic, is made to take plenty of abuse and still keep rolling and, in case you forgot, it's the fastest kid on the block! The fact that you can copy so many different International Speedways keeps things interesting and lets you dazzle your friends with your knowledge of International Racing! By the way, the power packs supplied with the system are directional, meaning you can change the direction the cars travel by just switching the direction of the plug. You should expect no less from the slot car industry's undisputed leader. After decades of technological advancements since "the good old days," these new slot car sets are a huge leap ahead from 60 years ago. This particular 4-lane Mega G+ race set upgrade was more than a full year in the making. Enjoy.